About Us

In 2006 my husband and I said goodbye to the big city of Houston, Texas and moved to this amazingly beautiful remote town in Utah. Like many of our guests we were craving something more than the constant chatter and noise of urbanization. We craved the stillness of nature. We yearned for wide open spaces and walks so remote that you might think you are the first human to traverse this land. We moved here to make a positive difference in the lives of animals while working for Best Friends Animal Society and inadvertently created a higher quality of life. After visiting with our guests we discovered was that they too were feeling much the same way we were. They wanted to feel close to the land, to get back to their roots and to discover the spiritual connection of all life that had somehow got lost. Our visitors find our place a refuge, a place to rejuvenate and explore, to work through transitions and to challenge themselves with a new adventure. We welcome you to stay with us and reflect and focus on the things that matter most. You will be able to recharge without constant distractions, to walk among the red rocks and hear your thoughts clearly. We are relaxed and laid back host. We love to travel and have family in Kentucky, Texas and Florida. I love rappelling and canyoneering and have a great group of friends to explore with. I don't like to camp and prefer a comfy bed and warm shower after a 12 hour day of exploring! My daughter and I are artist and we have artwork all over the house. We, of course, love animals, work at Best Friends and have one dog and two cats at the moment.

I check my email daily so if you don't hear back in 24 hours it means your email went to my junk mail or didn't go through.  Please call or text if this happens at 435-689-1324.  Many thanks! Jennifer